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A Bit About Us

Living Hope Addiction Ministries is a drug and alcohol treatment placement ministry that will is based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, and the organization will be committed to locating treatment facilities and therapies geared toward helping families make positive changes in their lives by rectifying addictive behaviors.
We are well-equipped with experience, resources, and the Holy Spirit to help addicts and their families find appropriate detox or substance abuse residential treatment facilities, learn healthy biblical coping skills, and advocate, counsel, and guide them to avoid relapse in the long run.  Dereck has personally gone through the processes of detox, drug and alcohol rehab, incarceration, homelessness, and even suicide attempts. Amanda and Dereck know the hurts and struggles of the addict and their family and has made it his life’s work to “finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God” (Acts 20:24) and help irradicate addiction.

Jodi T.

"Dereck is a wonderful counselor, pastor and advocate for those battling all forms of addiction."


 They offered their support, knowledge and steered me in the right direction. Within a couple of days we were able to get my sister into a program. All thanks to Living Hope! I would recommend anyone looking for help whether its you or a loved one battling demons, that they look to Living Hope for that guidance and support.

Lisa D.

"Investing in Living Hope ministries gives me hope. I have known Dereck personally, I have heard his testimony. I have seen him as a husband and as a father.  This view into Dereck's character and actions gives me full confidence to say that I highly recommend anyone to invest in this ministry.

Living Hope Ministries doesn't just give hope to individual people, but to families and communities. It's impact lasts not for the session or the " episode of care", but for generations. Please be part of making a difference for young men like my son."


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