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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Placement

Serving Christ, Restoring Lives, Renewing Hope

Do you have a loved one lost in Addiction?

Don't know where to turn?

At Living Hope Addiction Ministries, Inc., our mission is to provide a nurturing and secure environment for individuals grappling with substance abuse addiction. With a comprehensive range of supportive resources, our program is committed to walking alongside and aiding recovering individuals and their families at every step of their journey. Whether someone is seeking detoxification services, outpatient programs, or ongoing aftercare support, we are dedicated to providing unwavering assistance. Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals as they navigate life in sobriety. Grounded in the transformative power of Jesus Christ's living hope and emphasizing personalized care, our objective is to foster freedom from addiction, alleviate suffering, reignite purposeful living, and unveil newfound meaning for each individual seeking liberation from addiction.


Here at Living Hope Addiction Ministries, Inc, we are driven by a single goal; to share the love and freedom of Jesus Christ and give hope to the hopeless who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. We provide the first step to help those with substance abuse to overcome their addiction, have a relationship with Jesus Christ, go on to make positive changes in their lives and the society at large, and pay it forward by connecting with others.

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About Me


Dereck L. Hood, the founder and CEO of Living Hope Addiction Ministries, has a powerful testimony of overcoming addiction. Having personally gone through detox, rehab, incarceration, homelessness, and even suicide attempts, he understands the struggles of addicts and their families. His life's work is to help eradicate addiction and testify to the gospel of the grace of God. Learn more about him by clicking on the "CR Video" tab below.

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What We Offer

Drug and Alcohol Placement

Our services are designed to help those with substance abuse, from the first step out of denial, to overcome their addiction, have a relationship with Jesus Christ and go on to make positive changes in their lives and family reconciliation.

Family Support

We know that when an individual suffers from addiction, the whole family suffers. Living Hope Addiction offers family support for relatives and loved ones of those suffering from substance abuse and addiction.

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Substance Abuse Placement Services

Providing research and locating detoxification and/or intensive services for individuals with addiction.

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